Undergraduate Tutors

The Faculty of the Department of Greek (2/ 14.9.2016) has appointed the following undergraduate tutors for the academic year 2016-17:

1st year: Assistant Prof. Charilaos Michalopoulos (chmichal@helit.duth.gr)
2nd year: Lecturer Asimakis Fliatouras (afliatou@helit.duth.gr)
3rd year: Assistant Prof. Raimondo Tocci (rtocci@helit.duth.gr)
4rd year: Assistant Prof. Ioannis Deligiannis (inteligi@helit.duth.gr)


  • Address:Department of Greek Philology, Democritus University of Thrace, University Campus, GR-69100, Komotini, Greece

  • Telephone: +30 25310 39901, +30 25310 39902

  • Email: secr@helit.duth.gr