Modern Greek and Comparative Literature Laboratory

Modern Greek and Comparative Philology Laboratory

The Modern Greek and Comparative Philology Laboratory aims at covering the teaching and research needs and activities of the Department of Greek Philology and/or other departments of Democritus University of Thrace on the subjects of Modern Greek and Comparative Philology, in the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of studies. It also organises academic lectures, seminars and conferences or other scholarly events. It publishes relevant studies, invites experts and academics of international standing in order to promote academic progress and the establishment of the Laboratory both in Greece and worldwide. Furthermore, it promotes the teaching and academic cooperation with other academic institutions and research centres of the same or similar subjects of study, in Greece and abroad. Furthermore, it prepares undergraduate and postgraduate students in acquiring professional experience and skills in publishing houses, organising academic events, and other activities that students may need in their professional development. Finally, it builds the infrastructure for the promotion of subjects and issues related to the Laboratory’s academic interests.

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