2.Library Card
3.Behaviour in the Library
4.Borrowing from the Library
5.Loss or damage of a borrowed item
6.Loan duration
8.Number of borrowed items
8.Penalties for violating the regulations

1. Access to the Library services and collections is available to:
– Active or retired members of University staff.
– University students.
– University graduates.
– Library staff from other institutions.
– Members of organisations collaborating with the university.
2. Other groups may also use the Library services and collections, according to the Library Committee’s decisions subject to change.
3. The Library Committee defines:
a. the categories of users who have a right to make use of the Library services, collections, infrastructure and facilities.
b. the services, collections, infrastructure and facilities that can be accessed by different categories of users.

1. University students may use their student card as a library card.
2. All groups with a right to make use of the Library infrastructure should present their library card.
3. Access to the Library is denied to those who refuse or fail to present a valid library card.
4. Library services cannot be used via a representative.

1. Books or other library items can be removed or taken out only according to the Library Regulation articles.
2. Library users must keep absolute silence in the reading room and other specialised library areas.
3. Entering the aforementioned areas with bags and other items described in detail in an notice on the library’s entrance, is totally forbidden.
4. The authorised library staff has the right to check the users when entering or leaving the library.
5. Bringing food and drinks into the Library is totally forbidden. Smoking, eating or drinking is only allowed in areas designated by the librarian.
6. It is forbidden to deliberately remove, make bad use of, destroy or attempt to destroy a book, other items or pieces of library furniture. It is also forbidden to tear pages, delete tapes, mark or write on any library book or other item.
7. It is forbidden to bring into the Library inflammable or caustic materials or any other form of material that may destroy the library items. If this rule is violated, the material may be confiscated by the authorised library staff.
8. It is forbidden to delete an item from a library file or record as well as to transfer it to another file or modify it in any way.
9. It is forbidden to use confidential material from the library files by modifying it, interfering with it, using it for transactions or in any other way.
10. It is forbidden to reserve permanent study spaces in the library.
11. It is forbidden to enter library areas not open to the public, unless you are accompanied by a member of the library staff.
12. It is forbidden to distribute or hang posters, leaflets, newspapers or other unofficial library or University document, unless approved by the Library Committee.
13. It is forbidden, under any pretext, to keep a book or other library item for use or attempted use in or out of the library.
14. It is forbidden to break the regulations that define the users’ behaviour in the library area.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW (copyright act 1968)
1. Using the photocopier, the tape recorder, the computer software and any other library facility entails following the intellectual property law (and its modifications).

Loan records
1. All items borrowed from the library must by recorded by the library staff.
2. No library item should be removed from the library under any circumstances, until recorded.
3. Items designated as not to be borrowed are not on loan. This category includes periodicals, reference material (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, catalogues etc.), newspapers, government documents, books from special collections, unbound newspaper issues, audiovisual material, microforms etc. However, they may be used in the library and some can be photocopied.
4. Printed material that has not been properly preserved is not on loan outside the library area.
5. Printed or other material which has been donated and is of limited access is not on loan. Access to the Library special collections is possible under the provision of the bequeather and a special permission granted by the Library Committee.
6. Some special printed or non printed material may be assigned or permanently placed on loan with the departmental Laboratories to facilitate teaching and research activities, following the decision of the Department’s General Assembly. The Laboratory in question is responsible for this material.

1. Library users are responsible for any loss or damage of an item during the loan period.
2. In case of loss, damage or failure to return borrowed material, library users must pay for the damage or replacement cost of the item. They must also pay a fine, the amount of which is decided by the Library Committee.
3. Borrowing rights can be suspended after a decision of the Library Committee, from the notification date of the payment notice until:
a. the date when payment is made,
b. the date when the library items recorded on the payment notice are returned in a good condition, and the fine for causing the library malfunction is paid.
c. the date when all conditions for lifting the suspension of the borrowing rights are met.

1. The Library Committee can periodically reconsider the loan period for every category of library items and users.
2. It is possible, in special cases, to cancel the borrowing of an item before the loan period expires.
3. Library items on high demand have a limited loan period ranging from 2-24 hours.
4. If users are to be away for a long time, they must return the borrowed items.
5. The library staff can modify the loan period of an item upon users’ request and permission by the Library Committee.
6. No library item is designated as returned unless it is returned to the appointed circulation desk. Users must ensure that the borrowed item has been returned to the appointed circulation desk.
7. Return is possible with postal acknowledgement of receipt.
8. Borrowed items may be renewed up to 5 times in the academic year.
9. Every renewal is valid for a period equivalent to the original loan period.
10. Renewal of a borrowed item can be made only if the specific item has not been requested by another user.
11. Users may apply for a renewal in person at the circulation desk or by post, fax or e-mail.

1. All library users may borrow up to three (3) books.
2. In special cases, library staff may allow the borrowing of more items, provided there is a decision by the Library Committee.

1. Library users violating the aforementioned articles are not allowed to use the library for 24 hours, according to a decision by the Library Committee.
2. Such an exclusion from library use may be accompanied by an additional penalty, which may be imposed on individual basis by the Library Committee.
3. The implementation of the library regulations is regularly overseen and checked by the Library Committee in special sessions held for this purpose. The hearing procedure is open to everyone wishing to attend it.

1 The Library Committee must discuss objections by library users concerning the suspension of borrowing rights.
2 It has the right to confirm, revise or cancel the suspension of borrowing rights.
3. The Committee’s decision is final, and library users have no right to appeal.
4. The Committee has the right to impose the following penalties on library users, either independently or in combination:

– A warning.
– A written reprimand, filed in the student’s individual file.
– A fine of maximum 15euro for every violation.
– A maximum of 60-day suspension of borrowing rights.
– Suspension of all library use rights.
– Obligation to pay for the restoration or replacement costs of a library item that has been partially or totally damaged, including the relevant fine for the item’s misuse.

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