The Programme of Studies allows students to specialize in three fields of study:

Classical Philology

Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology

•  Linguistics



While designing the current Programme of Studies, the Faculty sought to offer to the students the possibility to freely interchange between contiguous subjects, in order to cope with the multi-level demands of modern scholarship and to promote a thorough knowledge of the discipline.
Thus, the aims of the Programme are a) to keep pace with academic developments, b) to constantly develop and advance its components, and c) to maintain a connection to social needs.
Philology modules are at the core of the Programme, covering the various stages of Greek and Latin languages, further focusing on issues of philological scholarship. Students specializing in Classical Philology approach antiquity in a holistic way, studying the ancient world in its diverse aspects. Modules in philology are supplemented by classes in history, linguistics, archaeology, philosophy and art history. Those specializing in Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology are introduced to the medieval world and to the most important aspects of cultural life in modern Greece.
The Programme of Studies of the Department aims at promoting Greek and Latin languages and civilizations. It also aspires to place the students at the centre of the production process, as well as of modern world-class research.

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