The Department of Greek Literature and the Consulate General of Germany in Thessaloniki organize a Symposium in honour of Professor Emeritus of the University of Hamburg and Honorary Doctor of our Faculty, Hans Eideneir, on Wedne, May 23, 2018. Programme.

International Conference “Greek echoes and glimpses in Spanish Literature. 16th-21st c.  Click here

International Conference“Investigating the Translation Process in Humanistic Latin Translations of Greek Texts”, Komotini, 28th -29th April 2017 Click here.

International Conference “From Chios to Istanbul to Moldovlachia. The beginning of a dynasty: Alexandros Mavrocordatos  secretary of the Executive (1641-1709) and Nicholas Prince of Moldovlachia (1680-1730)”, Chios 22nd-24th August 2017. Click here.

Day Conference “Teaching Scenaria for Literature Courses” 6/4/2016.

Two-day Conference on the “The breadth of G. Vizyenos’ work: older readings and new approaches.” 30-31/5/2009.

2nd International Conference on Situating Strategy Use.

International Conference “From Chios to Moldavia. The beginning of a dynasty: Alexandros Mavrokordatos (1641-1709) and Nicholas, Prince of Moldavia (1680-1730).

International Conference “Investigating the Translation Process in Humanistic Latin Translations of Greek Texts”

– International Congress “Cross-sections and discussions of the work of Stylianos Alexiou. Trends in Greek Philology and Humanities”.

– Conference “Myths and mythological Figures in Thrace”.

– Conference “Greek Literary Criticism”.

– Conference “Greek Literary Criticism in honuor of P. Moullas”.

– International Congress “Identities: Language and Literature”, on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of the Department of Greek Philology.

– International Congress “International Conference and workshops on Language Learning Strategies: theoretical issues and applied perspectives”.

10th International Congress of Greek Linguistics”.

International Congress in computational Linguistics “Nooj 2010 Conference”.

– International Congress “Raising the Fragment to the Status of a Whole