Postgraduate Studies Programme

Since 2006-2007 the Department of Greek Philology has been offering a Programme of Postgraduate Studies with specialization in Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek philology.

The Postgraduate Programme offers two degrees organized in two Cycles (A and B):

a) Master’s Degree (Cycle A), awarded upon completion of successful graduate work during four semesters and the writing of an M.A. thesis in the following specializations:
Classical Philology: Ancient Greek Philology, or Latin Philology, or Papyrology
Byzantine-Modern Greek Philology: Byzantine Philology, or Modern Greek Philology

b) Doctorate Degree (Cycle B), awarded upon the successful defense of a doctoral dissertation in a period of no less than 6 semesters and no more than 10 semesters. The Doctorate degree is the same for all specializations.

PhD candidates are expected to write a PhD dissertation and participate in graduate seminars, colloquia, and conferences organized by the Department. Doctorate students also have the opportunity to participate in research programmes.

Director of Postgraduate Programme:

Administrative staff: Maria Papavasileiou
Tel: +30 25310 39902

Application process

Examination announcement, academic year 2017-8

Examination syllabus, academic year 2017-8

Entry requirements
Entry requirements are outlined in Article 6 of the Internal Organization Rules of the Master’s Programme.

Internal Organization Rules
Click HERE to download the Internal Organization Rules of the Master’s Programme.

Course Descriptions
Course descriptions, winter semester of academic year 2018-9.

Course descriptions, spring semester of academic year 2018-9.


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