Course ID Course Number Course Name Instructor Room Number Days Time Credits Prerequisites
ΕΕΑΕΦ141 EEAEF141 Papyrology Ι 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ143 EEAEF143 Dramatic Poetry 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ145 EEAEF145 Other poetic genres (except Lyric Poetry) 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ147 EEAEF147 Epic Poetry (except Homer) 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ150 EEAEF150 Epigram 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ151 EEAEF151 Other prose genres (except Philosophy) Ι 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ152 EEAEF152 Papyrology ΙΙ 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ154 EEAEF154 Scientific texts 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ155 EEAEF155 Translation _Theory and Practice 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ156 EEAEF156 Textual criticism 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ157 EEAEF157 Ancient Greek Myths 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ160 EEAEF160 Ancient literary criticism 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ161 EEAEF161 Metrics 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ162 EEAEF162 Other prose genres (except Philosophy) ΙΙ 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ163 EEAEF163 Ancient medicine 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ164 EEAEF164 Comedy 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ165 EEAEF165 Tragedy 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ166 EEAEF166 Private and public life in Greek antiquity 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ167 EEAEF167 Hellenistic Poetry 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ168 EEAEF168 Cultural prejudices and interactions in Ancient Greece 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ169 EEAEF169 Religious syncretism in Ancient Greek prose 6
ΕΕΑΕΦ170 EEAEF170 Other prose genres ΙΙΙ 6
ΕΕΑΡΧ448 EEARCH448 Epigraphy 6
ΕΕΑΡΧ442 EEARH442 Classical Archaeology 6
ΕΕΒΑΡΧ443 EEBARCH443 Introduction to Byzantine Archaeology 6
ΕΕΒΑΡΧ444 EEBARCH444 Monumental Topography 6
ΕΕΒΑΡΧ445 EEBARCH445 Everyday life in Byzantium 6
ΕΕΒΑΡΧ446 EEBARCH446 Greek inscriptions (4th – 19th c.) 6
ΕΕΒΦ273 EEBF273 Introduction to Greek Paleography and Codicology 6
ΕΕΒΦ274 EEBF274 Byzantine Poetry 6
ΕΕΒΦ275 EEBF275 Byzantine letter writing (correspondence) 6
ΕΕΒΦ276 EEBF276 Byzantine Chronographs 6
ΕΕΒΦ277 EEBF277 Βυζαντινή Θύραθεν Ρητορική 6
ΕΕΒΦ278 EEBF278 Byzantine Ecclesiastic Rhetoric 6
ΕΕΒΦ279 EEBF279 Byzantine Hagiology 6
ΕΕΒΦ280 EEBF280 Byzantine Novel 6
ΕΕΒΦ283 EEBF283 Special issues of Byzantine poetry and prose 6
ΕΕΒΦ284 EEBF284 Text review and Byzantine text publication technics (workshop) 6
ΕΕΒΦ285 EEBF285 Medieval Literature and Informatics (workshop) 6
ΕΕΒΦ286 EEBF286 Byzantine Rhetoric 6
ΕΕΒΦ287 EEBF287 Byzantine Literature (early period) 6
ΕΕΒΦ289 EEBF289 Byzantine Literature (middle period) 6
ΕΕΒΦ290 EEBF290 Byzantine Literature (late period) 6
ΕΕΒΦ292 EEBF292 Ancient Greek and Medieval Greek grammar 6
ΕΕΒΦ297 EEBF297 Byzantine Geographical Texts 6
ΕΕΒΦ299 EEBF299 Byzantine Legal Literature 6
ΕΕΒΦ302 EEBF302 Hymnography genre 6
ΕΕΒΦ305 EEBF305 Byzantine books: literacy in Byzantium 6
ΕΕΒΦ307 EEBF307 Philology and Digital Technologies 6
ΕΕΒΙΣΤ412 EEBIST412 Byzantine and Post-Byzantine History. Byzantium and the West. 6
ΕΕΒΙΣΤ413 EEBIST413 Introduction to Byzantine History 6
ΕΕΦΙΛΟΣ511 EEFILOS511 Ancient Greek Philosophy 6
EEΓΛΩ335 EEGLO335 Language pathology 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ336 EEGLO336 Literacy and Language Course Design 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ365 EEGLO365 Language teaching for students with disability 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ366 EEGLO366 Language development and autism 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ367 EEGLO367 Language teaching and dyslexia 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ368 EEGLO368 Stylistics 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ369 EEGLO369 Language typology 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ323 EEGLV323 Psycholinguistics 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ324 EEGLV324 Creative writing - reading motivation activities 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ326 EEGLV326 Dialectology 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ329 EEGLV329 Lexicography 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ330 EEGLV330 Corrective Phonetics 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ331 EEGLV331 Ancient Greek historical grammar 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ332 EEGLV332 Neurolinguistics 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ333 EEGLV333 Vocabulary teaching 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ334 EEGLV334 Semantics 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ338 EEGLV338 Language and mathematical models 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ346 EEGLV346 Pragmatics 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ347 EEGLV347 Ancient Greek Dialects 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ348 EEGLV348 Learning strategies 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ349 EEGLV349 Philosophy of language 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ351 EEGLV351 Phonetics 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ353 EEGLV353 Methodology of linguistic research 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ354 EEGLV354 Onomastics 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ356 EEGLV356 Ethnolinguistics 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ357 EEGLV357 Theories of Second/Foreign language acquisition 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ358 EEGLV358 Bilingualism 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ359 EEGLV359 Text editing 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ360 EEGLV360 Academic writing 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ361 EEGLV361 Special subjects of linguistics 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ363 EEGLV363 Modern Greek spelling and syntax 6
ΕΕΓΛΩ364 EEGLV364 Language cultivation and reading animation 6
ΕΕΙΣΤ402 EEIST402 Modern Greek History 6
ΕΕΙΣΤ409 EEIST409 Greco-Roman History 6
ΕΕΙΣΤ417 EEIST417 Ancient Greek Religion 6
ΕΕΙΣΤ418 EEIST418 History of Greek and Roman Antiquity 6
ΕΕΛΦ175 EELF175 Roman Drama 6
ΕΕΛΦ176 EELF176 Other Prose genres 6
ΕΕΛΦ177 EELF177 Other Poetic genres 6
ΕΕΛΦ181 EELF181 Translated Latin texts 6
ΕΕΛΦ185 EELF185 Fables (myth) writing 6
ΕΕΛΦ188 EELF188 Philosophy 6
ΕΕΛΦ190 EELF190 Scientific Literature 6
ΕΕΛΦ192 EELF192 Roman Comedy 6
ΕΕΛΦ194 EELF194 Satire 6
ΕΕΛΦ197 EELF197 Epigram 6
ΕΕΛΦ198 EELF198 Pastoral Poetry 6
EENEΦ245 EENEF245 Modern Greek Literature (beginning-1669) 6