Course ID Course Number Course Name Instructor Room Number Days Time Credits Prerequisites
ΕΕΝΕΦ246 EENEF246 Modern Greek writers II (1669-1880) 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ247 EENEF247 Modern Greek writers III (1880-1930) 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ248 EENEF248 Modern Greek writers IV (1930 κ. εξ.) 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ249 EENEF249 Modern Greek literary texts I (beginning-1669) 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ250 EENEF250 Modern Greek literary texts II (1669-1880) 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ251 EENEF251 Modern Greek literary texts III (1880-1930) 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ252 EENEF252 Modern Greek literary texts IV (1930 - σήμερα) 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ253 EENEF253 Modern Greek texts I 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ255 EENEF255 Modern Greek literary genres I 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ258 EENEF258 Modern Greek literary trends and movements II (1914 κ. εξ.) 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ259 EENEF259 Applications of comparative text analysis Ι 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ260 EENEF260 Applications of comparative text analysis ΙΙ 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ261 EENEF261 Special issues of Modern Greek Literature (workshop) 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ262 EENEF262 Research issues of Modern Greek Literature I (workshop) 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ263 EENEF263 Research issues of Modern Greek Literature II (workshop) 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ264 EENEF264 Modern Greek Dramatology 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ265 EENEF265 Modern Greek critical reviews 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ267 EENEF267 Issues of Intertextuality ΙΙ 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ268 EENEF268 Literary theory in practice Ι 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ269 EENEF269 Literary theory in practice ΙΙ 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ270 EENEF270 Women writers: women’s contribution to Modern Greek literature from 19th century until present day 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ271 EENEF271 Reading Modern Greek literary texts from 20th and 21st century 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ272 EENEF272 Literature teaching methodology 6
ΕΕΠΑΙΔ533 EEPAID533 Literature and language teaching: Modern Greek language teaching in Secondary Education – Teaching exercises 6
ΕΕΠΑΙΔ535 EEPAID535 Ancient Greek language and literature teaching – Teaching exercises 6
ΕΕΠΑΙΔ536 EEPAID536 Multicultural education 6
ΕΕΠΑΙΔ539 EEPAID539 Assessment theory and practice in education 6
ΕΕΦΙΛΟΣ513 EEPHILOS513 Modern Interpretations of Ancient Greek Philosophy (Plato) 6
ΕΕΨΥΧ521 EEPSYCH521 Psychology Ι 6
ΕΕΝΕΦ256 ENNEF256 Modern Greek literary genres II 6